Friday, May 24, 2013

The Final Nail

It's all over for Better Place.

Electric car company Better Place is planning to file for bankruptcy within the next several days,

... the company underestimated the time and expense of everything...

Nothing else need be said.


  1. No surprise, Shai Agassi was trying to use the big oil model to fuel electric, and the public just wasn't falling for it.


  2. That's too bad, Agassi's vision was very compelling. Only Tesla left (well, besides the big car manufacturers), but no one that seems to address the issue of replacing the gas car with a 100% electric car that has the range and the fast charging infrastructure. All eyes on Elon now!

    1. Not sure why the failure of a bad idea is sad. BP did not provide anything of real value, they didn't build EV's, they didn't build batteries, they didn't generate power. All they did is increase the cost of operating an EV by inserting themselves as a middle man and taking a profit, or trying to. Range is an over blown issue anyway since 99% of all trips are less than 100 miles.