Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Problems For Better Place

More bad news for Better Place, losing money as well as failing to deliver as promised. 

Shay Agassi's electric car venture Better Place LLC is facing delays in the deployment of its battery recharging and quick replacement infrastructure in Denmark as well as in Israel.

 Renault SA (Euronext: RNO), which directly markets its electric car in Denmark, has announced that it will launch the Zoe compact electric car in October. It considers the Zoe more suited to the Danish market than the electric version of the Fluence sedan, which is not popular in the country. Renault also announced that, until further notice, it will market the Zoe only with a permanent battery, rather than the replaceable battery "until Better Place proves that its organization and battery replacement system are functioning properly."

  Better Place was expected to sell 115,000 electric cars in Denmark and Israel between 2011 and 2016, but the company is far behind those numbers.

Oops, who could have guessed?  Oh wait, me!  :)