Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ghosn on Project Better Place, Not for The US

Ghosn says exactly what I've been saying about BP:

"You could not imagine something like this in a country like Austrailia, Russia, or the US."

Why does the head of the one large automaker who's actually working with BP make this claim?  Because he says the swap stations are too expensive.  Couple expensive swap stations with a small country such as Israel which can be entirely covered with a single recharge and it's pretty obvious BP isn't even necessary in Israel.  I'd love to see some statistics as to how often the swap feature is even used in Israel when this actually goes into operation.  As I've been saying for a long time, BP and swapping is completely unnecessary and likely to fail.
BP Fail
More Fail


  1. Be sure to listen to enough to know that different countries have different solutions.

    One way to solve the problem is Israels with swappable battery. I say, remember BP pays back with per mile charges, you get peace of mind.

    Second is home charging, Fast charge 30 minutes, 11k for home unit and dedicated fast charge station with mobile fast charge units if needed. California first, then national roll out in 2012. He talks about fuel cells. I think Fuel Cells are too expensive for the GP, also oil and gas is the primary low cost source for hydrogen, not electrically produced Hydrogen.

    Well to Wheel cost. Worst case, fossil fuel electricity is still better than liquid fuel.
    With solar and wind added in time, EV will be able to use it. 1st is to tap already available electricity.

    Last word for me, swapping will NOT be the future, it is a short term entry, but to provide the vehicle with out the battery will be a viable option to those who are willing to pay for the extra security of a per mile plan. Personally I would be interested. I agree it is going to cost more initially, but there is no guarantee that gas will stay down either; Remember, EVs are viable today, just expensive to buy w/batteries and new battery technology is risky to enter the market. BP will make it easier for the consumer by offering an alternative over time. There will be other players in time and the price will become VERY competitive for charge, and I GUARANTEE that they will charge for the convenience! No free lunches.

    If you want maximum benefit with high risk, buy the battery. I personally think one damaged LiPO pack or fast charger will make you a believer of the BP plan! Well to wheel, BP's plan works! And the investors have spoken!

    For me is the involvement with governments. ;P
    I think the EV is viable and the you can vote with your money, that is if the government will let you keep it!

  2. Actually the OEM's have spoken, and none of them, other than Renault, are using the BP model or making their vehicles compatible with BP. BP has failed before it even started, as predicted. It's not needed.