Friday, December 10, 2010

Well Said

Carlos Ghosn sums up the LEAF and the future of transportation.  I thought it was worth quoting and linking.
Ghosn Speaks
"Recently, a reporter asked me how the Environmental Protection Agency should indicate miles per gallon on the fuel economy sticker that goes in the window of each new Nissan LEAF. My response: Miles per gallon?  Infinite.  There is no gallon.   Though the EPA rates Nissan LEAF at 99 miles per gallon, it is a measurement as outdated in the new mobility age as the idea of tailpipe emissions.  An electric car has neither a tailpipe nor emissions.
Little by little, the skeptics are becoming believers.  Governments, industries and a growing number of consumers are overwhelmingly embracing a car that many have not yet driven.  Soon, more and more people will have an opportunity to see, drive or own their own electric car.   In Nissan LEAF, they will fully understand all the benefits we have been talking about: the quiet ride, quick acceleration, smooth handling and – best of all – zero emissions.

This is the future of mobility, and the future is starting now."

Preach on brother.

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